New ticket tracker

After much feedback, we are pleased to be able to offer an improved ticket tracker!

You can access it from the same links off of webadmin as before. New features include:

  • Improved web interface
  • Emails now include the conversation updates
  • You can now reply or create new tickets via email (email

The university is investigating deployment of a system-wide ticketing system. That process is currently expected to be deployed this summer. At that time the CWS ticketing system will again be migrated to the university system. It is expected that the improved feature set (including email integration) will be retained in the university-deployed system.

New DB settings for custom apps

Over the weekend, we moved our services to a new datacenter in Discovery Park. This was part of a large term strategy to ensure disaster resiliency by placing services in geographically separated locations. In order to decouple ourselves from the one datacenter, it will be necessary to update any custom code that access the database.

You should be using

Previous versions might include private, which is restricted to access from one datacenter. The above URL will work across both datacenters.

If you're experiencing this issue on a Drupal site, please submit a ticket at Thanks.

October 14th scheduled maintenance is complete

The scheduled maintenance for October 14th is complete. CWS moved our hosting off a NAS located in Discovery Park to a NAS located in GAB. This puts all our server infrastructure in one datacenter.

Maintenance windows are planned for the remaining two weekends this month. The end result will be that CWS will have a complete server stack in both Discovery Park and GAB Datacenters which will ensure better, ultimately seamless failover between the two datacenters.

More details on subsequent maintenance to come...

—Adam Krawiec

Scheduled Maintenance Oct 14, 2012, 5AM-6AM

Central Web Support will be consolidating it's current architecture into a single datacenter this weekend, which will require downtime between 5AM-6AM this Sunday morning, October 14th. This day, and this time of day, on average, sees the lowest traffic to our services.

This move represents the first step in creating two complete server stacks localized in to two geographically separate datacenters to ensure better quality of service in case of failure in one.

Two further weekend maintenance windows will be required this month to complete this goal.


—Adam Krawiec

UNT Web Support Office Hours

In Person Help

Ever wished you could have someone talk you through your Drupal and web development questions in person? Central Web Services and the URCM's Web Development Center have folks on hand to answer your questions every Wednesday between 10:30am and 12:00pm in the Business Leadership Building, Conference Room 115.

Hope to see you there!